About Stuart and Clover

Our firm’s story is, in all things, an Oklahoma story.

Roscoe Arrington founded the firm in 1904, some three years before statehood. From its inception, the firm’s practice focused on oil and gas, probate law, and civil litigation. In 1921 Arrington was joined by Ray Evans, with whom he practiced until 1935. In that same year, Jim Miller replaced Evans and the firm was renamed Arrington & Miller. That combination continued until 1953 when Arrington passed away.

Lindsay Peters then joined Miller in 1953, marking the beginning of a long and prosperous union. Over the years, Miller & Peters became a leading figure in the Oklahoma legal scene, in general, and the Shawnee legal market, in particular.

The 1970’s brought continued growth to the firm. To keep pace with their ever-expanding workload, Miller & Peters hired Jeff Diamond in 1973. Upon his elevation to partner in 1974, the firm was renamed Miller, Peters & Diamond. That iteration of the firm continued until 1979, when the firm hired Jim Stuart. When Stuart was elected partner in 1980, the firm again changed its name, adding Stuart to the letterhead.

As its reputation and client list expanded in the 1980’s, the firm took the unprecedented step of adding two attorneys – Mike Adcock and Jonna Geitgey – in 1985. Those additions triggered yet another name change, birthing the moniker Diamond, Adcock & Stuart. During the following years, the firm reached its zenith in size, culminating with the opening of a second office in Oklahoma City. At that time, the firm served as general counsel to two public companies – Hadson Petroleum, Inc. and BancFirst. The firm also represented Hitachi, Inc. when it began doing business in Oklahoma. Concomitant with the firm’s unprecedented growth, the firm added Jeanette Timmons as a partner in 1989 and changed its name to Diamond, Adcock, Stuart & Timmons. After those halcyon days, the firm again changed form with the resignation of Adcock in 1990 and the closure of the Oklahoma City office and the departure of Timmons in 1994. Notwithstanding those changes, the firm continued to grow by adding Mike Clover in 1990. When Clover made partner in 1993, the firm’s new appellation was Diamond, Stuart & Clover. When Diamond retired from the practice of law in 1995, Stuart & Clover carried the mantle together until 2008.

Under the direction of Stuart & Clover, the firm’s clientele, influence, and stature in the state and local bars continued to increase throughout the 1990’s and 2000’s. The firm’s success led it to again expand, bringing in a bevy of young lawyers to lead the firm into the next phase of its development. As it is currently constituted, the firm provides a full range of legal services throughout Oklahoma, including civil litigation, probate, estate planning, corporate, real property, oil and gas, arbitration, federal court litigation, family law, and alternative dispute resolution.

Although the firm has taken many forms, it has always remained true to its small town roots. We are proud of our heritage and look forward to a second century of meeting the needs of our clients and the communities in which we live and work.