Whether it is Arbitration or Mediation, Alternative Dispute Resolution (“ADR”) has become a prevalent part of today’s legal landscape. Regardless of the type and magnitude of the dispute, knowledge and understanding of ADR processes is vital to a successful resolution.

Due to the increased utilization of these mechanisms, we have made it a priority to receive the training and experience necessary to effectively handle both mediation and arbitration, as either an attorney advocate or the mediator/arbitrator. Our experience and approach are highlighted by the following:

  • Multiple attorneys with the training and experience to serve as a “Qualified Mediator” in an array of civil conflicts.
  • A direct and honest approach to mediation with the experience and understanding of litigation risks and case valuation to guide the parties to a successful resolution.
  • Representation of hundreds of clients in mediation and arbitration matters.
  • Experience handling numerous domestic and international arbitrations administered through FINRA, AAA, ICSID, LCIA, the ICC, and UNCITRAL.
  • Extensive experience with statement of claim and witness statement preparation in domestic and international arbitrations.
  • Successful prosecution and/or defense of arbitral claims in the construction, securities, real property, oil and gas, contract, investment banking, and quasi-contractual tort areas.
  • Contacts with a wide-range of private-party arbitrators through the IBA and the ABA.
  • Experience in drafting and construing compulsory mediation and arbitration provisions in commercial contracts.