Family law is a unique and emotionally charged practice area that requires an understanding approach to issue resolution. Each matter presents unique challenges and deeply personal problems and concerns. Ultimately, it is the attorney’s task to address these issues within the legal framework of the court system while remaining sensitive to the client’s situation.

We have the character and ability to handle an array of family law issues in a professional and understanding manner. Our experience and approach are highlighted by the following:

  • Ethical and efficient approach to family law matters with a strong focus on personal service and communication with the client.
  • Proven track record in all areas of family law practice including divorce, paternity, child custody and visitation, child support, pre-nuptial agreements, domestic mediation, collaborative law, juvenile deprived law, and adoption.
  • Belief in approaching complex child custody issues with an emphasis on serving the best interests of children while advocating for the significant rights of the parent.
  • Resources and litigation background to aggressively guide domestic matters to trial when appropriate, yet cognizant of the personal nature and emotional undertones that may compel settlement in family law cases.
  • Multiple attorneys with the training and experience to serve as a Mediator in family law cases, with a desire to provide an unbiased and collaborative answer to difficult issues.