Litigation has been, and remains, the centerpiece of private dispute resolution. Whether through the production of corporate records, the deposition process, or sitting through a jury trial, civil litigation impacts corporations and business entities at their highest levels. Our firm thrives in all aspects of the civil litigation arena.

By focusing our efforts and resources on the civil litigation needs of our clients, we have formed a de facto litigation boutique that is novel to Oklahoma practice.

By way of example, our firm’s approach to, and experience with, civil litigation is summarized as follows:

  • Handling a wide variety of civil litigation matters including contract, tort, fiduciary, interpleader, impleader, construction, oil and gas, employment, tax, real property, injunctive, declaratory judgment and municipal.
  • A direct and honest approach to mediation with the experience and understanding of litigation risks and case valuation to guide the parties to a successful resolution.
  • An efficient approach to staffing and task management.
  • A collaborative team approach that fosters the free exchange of ideas and techniques while promoting responsiveness to the client through multiple points of contact.
  • Representation of hundreds of clients in mediation and arbitration matters.
  • Experience handling numerous domestic and international arbitrations administered through FINRA, AAA, ICSID, LCIA, the ICC, and UNCITRAL.
  • Extensive experience with statement of claim and witness statement preparation in domestic and international arbitrations.
  • Contacts with a wide-range of private-party arbitrators through the IBA and the ABA.
  • Experience in drafting and construing compulsory mediation and arbitration provisions in commercial contracts.
  • Successful prosecution and/or defense of arbitral claims in the construction, securities, real property, oil and gas, contract, investment banking, and quasi-contractual tort areas.